Still some detailing and shading left to do but I’m just proud of myself that I didn’t cry. Beyond painful.


i just wanna make drake proud

Anonyme: d f m q x

Favourite food: pizza, goats cheese & green pesto, bacon.

Sexual orientation: I like attractive people.

Random fact about me: I can fit my whole fist in my mouth

What I’m listening to right now: Skip The Charades - Cold War Kids

Celebrity crush: Chris Pratt & Kirsten Stewart forever.

I will answer them if I get any.
A: Age.
B: Where I'm from.
C: Where I would like to live.
D: Favourite food.
E: Religion.
F: Sexual orientation.
G: Single/taken.
H: Favourite book.
I: Eye colour.
J: Favourite movie.
K: Favourite TV show.
L: Favourite band/singer.
M: Random fact about me.
N: Favorite day of the year.
O: Favourite colour.
P: If I have any pets; if so, their names.
Q: What I'm listening to right now.
R: Last movie I've watched.
S: What's my ringtone.
T: Favourite male character from a TV show.
U: Favourite female character from a TV show.
V: What my name means.
W: Favourite superhero.
X: Celebrity crush.
Y: My birthday.
Z: Ever self-harmed?